Hi, my logo templates got rejected, need any advice


Hello, this is my logo presentation template. This is my first item that I tried to put in graphicriver.

This item was rejected. However, I’m not angry at all, I’m just confuse what I should do. They did not give me any constructive feedback.

Any suggestion?


  • Try to make a better, creative and unique presentation. (phone presentation is nice)
  • Make logo more clean (like remove the shadows)
  • Don’t seems a shield, try to work a little on it and make it more unique and creative
  • Both font is not really good and the final “D” lose some pixel, maybe you cut it for mistake, pay attention on this detail


Thank you yes i will try it

The real file have no shadows, so i’ll just remove it from the presentation

Thank you for your inputs, i will try to do it.

Ahh yes… I see it now. I’ll change it right away.

Thank you ManuDesign for donating your time for my problems. :smile: