Help with replacing a WP theme license key

So I recently purchased a wp theme for (Site 1) … after completing the site, I started working on another site with the same theme (site 2) I have purchased an additional copy of the same theme and now have 2 license keys, 1 for each site.

The problem is (at least i think it is) that when I started on the 2nd site, I used the first license key to get it going.

How can I update (Site 2) with the updated license key?

Thanks for any input!

You could uninstall the second site and reinstall it from scratch. Alternatively email the author and get their advice

Thanks Charlie! I’m trying to avoid to avoid a fresh reinstall as I have done quite a bit of work to site 2 already. I’ve reached out to the author, just haven’t gotten a reply yet and trying to get this resolved asap.