Wordpress telling me to registrar license only to say already registered.

Not even sure I am posting in the right area however I am having an issue with registering the license for my template.

Please Advise.

Thank You

I believe the author has their own support system so you can ask them to solve the “license” issue

we cannot get a refund for this, we have tried several times and you guys keep ignoring our emails

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I have the same issue. I registered the theme. Then site went to a backed-up version. And now the theme says it’s not registered anymore. This author never responds to any email sent.

I am new in WordPress arena. I have a question/confusion is- say I have bought a theme [ the7 theme] from this marketplace with the licence. Now can I be able to use/install that purchased licenced theme to my 50+ websites or have to use in just only 1 website?


You are allowed to use a license for single website only. If you want to use the theme for multiple websites, you have to buy separate license for each website.
Thank you!