Help with list styling in Podgorica Non-profit wordpress theme

Please help as I am a volunteer helping an unfunded community sustainability group with their web site and they paid for the Podgorica Non-Profit Wordpress theme (uses King Composer) so that we wouldn’t have to pay for developer resources and just use the default styling. I reported the following problem via a support ticket and only received the response that I should edit the custom.css file which is beyond my capabilities and we felt that if the template editing environment had formatting options for a bulleted list then it should work but it doesn’t but the template authors obviously feel this is not their problem.

Here is the issue:

When I use the the list formatting options when editing a Text Block the resulting lists do not appear as expected in terms of an unordered (bulleted) list although the ordered (numbered) list renders on the web page as expected. Their Text Block widget uses the TinyMCE editor.

Their response to the issue:
“Yes, in this Text block shortcode formatting is OFF. if you want to add formatting here. you need to add class that text area and then add css in that class. you can add your css in custom.css file”

This is a little confusing for me. I manage to develop my own wordpress websites and help a couple of community clubs I am a member of with their web sites fairly successfully using templates, plug-ins, page-builders etc with no problem but this one has me stumped as it was not what I expected from a paid-for template. PS I a 62 years old so not doing too badly,