Visual Developer - Wordpress Custom CSS


I’m going to make this short, and I hope you can 2 minutes of your time, I would really appreciate your feedback.

I’ve recently launched a Wordpress plugin that allows writting custom CSS in an easy way. So far I had 1 bug with RTL language, it has been fixed. 0 complaints and rated 5/5 with 4 ratings.

The plugin works with ANY theme out there, better or worse, but I suppose it would fit perfectly in yours, as any theme that passes the themeforest review should have the wordpress class & tags added to post types. ( it works without them also, but it’s a bit limited )

The plugin is here :

It can customize, anything, and it generates an CSS file.

In the last update I’ve covered full google fonts support, loaded properly, only if the font itself is used, making it seemingless fast & reliable.

What would it take for you to use my plugin in your themes ? Would it need any extra features or you think it’s hard to use ?

I would label my plugin as “The optional awesome way of customizing your theme”



I think that the script is very good. :slight_smile: Nice work!