Help with avada theme

I have the avada theme and I have found that the posts page shows every post from every category. I want it to only show the posts from the blog category but I can’t find any setting for it. Does anyone know where I can do that?


You would be better off contacting them directly for your buyer included support.

These forums are not intended as support for your purchased items on Envato.

I can confirm that this author is more than generous in their support and reputation.

Either register for their support (as detailed in their documentation) or use the comments on the item itself.

Sorry this isn’t likely as helpful as you hoped, but you’ll benefit more with direct support from the author.

I don’t have as good luck as you do with their support. It’s about 50/50 for me. I have already tried the help forums twice that’s why I decided to post here in the forums thinking that maybe somebody else had the theme and would know how to solve this issue