Help trying to identify a (cinematic orchestral) track please

stupidly renamed it and stupidly excluded it from a collection. very cool track, does anyone recognize please?

probably not but have run out of options. cheers

  • no original file (i converted it to ogg for project draft)
  • no internet history (i downloaded this many months ago)

(ps. probably would have been searching ‘adventure’, ‘horns’ or something, but i’ve just listened to a hundred trying to find it and as you know this can drive a person literally insane)

I don´t recognize it, but if you downloaded from audiojungle, have you tried to find it in the history of your web browser¿?

yes, i clear history regularly and don’t have the source download file anymore

I hope somebody else can help. I cant, sorry.

Try to look in the tags of the file. With software like MediaInfo

no sorry i converted it to ogg so all tags and mediainfo are gone. this is why i’m here for recognition of file (I know it’s pointless but as I say it’s the last option i’ve got at this point)

(and audiojungle/envato - +1 for the much requested music detection feature)

Have you tried Shazam? It can help with music identification. I think it’s available for Android and iOS, for both.

hmm not easy on windows pc but thanks for the suggestions. guess i’ve just gotta let this one go (which is a shame, it was one of the better tracks in my project) sigh