Can anyone help me?

I am Alex and I want your help!
Recently I download a music but I rename the file and now I want to buy it but I can’t find it.
I searched about 70000 tracks but there was no result!
Can anyone help me?
Thank you in advance!
This is the track!

You can check your browser’s history.

I have checked it but I didn’t find it. As I remember it was at the front page of a category and this has changed.
Can I upload it in any way at the forum to help me someone?

I’m sure someone will find it if you post it. I think I’ve seen this happened before (if i’m not mistaken.)

Thanks for your interest!
Do you know the way to upload it because it’s not permitted the type of the music file?

I don’t know where it is allowed to upload a preview track to search.
Hope someones comes to aid.

If you have a google drive account, you can upload it there and turn on public sharing on the file, then post the link here.

Thank you criskcracker! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @alexmak28 !

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@CleanMagicAudio thank you very very much! :heart:

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Glad you found it - if only you’d have searched ‘Epic Cinematic’ :wink:

Save the link of the item you choose to download later. Because it`s no matter how author renames it, the link will still work.

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Good note for buyers! That’s right, it’s just one of those ways not to lose tracks. The link to the track remains unchanged, regardless of the track title being updated and so on.