HELP!! SOLEDAD THEME resets itself


I have a “Soledad theme” on my website and something has happened on the last 36h… and i am absolutely desperate…
The template seemed to has reseted by itself and now my website is SOLW, my logo disspared, my menu dissapared, me settings of the homepage webt back to scratch…
I have tried using the Siteground Backup and even that doesnt work… it takes my website back to 1 or 2 weeks ago -depending on the backup, i tried several already, even uninstalling wordpress altogether- but the template it still looks like resetd.
Siteground techincians said I have to talk to people from the theme…
Please, help me! What shall I do.

Hello @sinmapa

Please contact the author of the theme for support. They will be able to assist. Here’s how you can do that:

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:rofl: yes, the theme author is surely the one to blame for such havoc. their 33k installations do that from time to time :laughing:

when you purchase a template you do get some PHP codes that extend your WordPress website, but still, that is your website. one theme author cannot be responsible for just about anything you do there. and I’m really confident to say that there’s 99.999% of chance that it wasn’t the theme problem with such results.

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Hi, Mrs Enabled.
Thanks for your reply! :smiley:
I have already bought the theme years ago… I tried contacting PenciDesign, but I dont have access to the support group… or it doesnt work. I dont know.
I tried opening a ticket several times, but I cannot manage to upload it. it ask me for a code that i dont have :frowning:

That is probably because the support period has expired. You’ll need to renew your support.

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Hi! I´ve had this template for several years now and it has neveer happen to me before. Do you know what I can do to fix it? I am really desperate. Backups are not working.

Exactly. It never happened before, because it’s not related to the theme. Maybe you’ve been attacked by a hacker that reseted your database. But who should know what happened other than you? How to fix things? As you’re the owner, you probably know when you have the last backup of DB and files and then just restore it. If the “backups are not working” you’re not doing it right. If you don’t have idea what I’m speaking here, you’re not maintaining your website right, or even not maintaining it at all. Hopefully this sheds some light on your situation.

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I have paid and renewd but it either takes a few hours for the system to know that i paid or is not working. I have alredy paid today to renew support but i cannot manage to get help…

I guess that you do understand that theme you use is maybe 0.25% of the PHP/JS codes that your website actually uses and that it’s not related to your issue in any way, but hey, I can understand why you did it. Thanks.

What should I do then?