Help me find a track



Hello! im looking for a track that is in this video.
Most of the songs ESL use are from audiojungle, so i guess this one is from here also. The song must have been created before november 2014, but i cant search for specific older dates in the music search section. I would love if anyone have a clue about which song it is. :slight_smile:


Hello! The search engine only shows 60 pages so to be able to search tracks older than 2014 I think the only way is to put some filters to reduce the number of tracks. One easy way to reduce alot of the tracks is if you be able to know the “tempo” of the track and then set the filter in audiojungle. If the it was used the full lenght version of the track you also know the price of the track and can set the price range too. And then maybe at the end there is less than 60 pages of tracks and you can set sort by newst and go to the page where there are tracks from 2014.
Hope it would held


There’s a lot of music. I doubt that you can find this particular track.

Try to look here, this author has a very good cinematic music.


Thanks for the reply! Yeah, i noticed too that i have to search more specific to find the oldest songs. Hope audiojungle make some adjustments in the future so its possible to make more advanced searches. In the meantime, im gonna keep searching. :slight_smile:


Thanks for you reply! I have went through a couple of thousands of songs and found 30 of the 40 songs im looking for. So it feels like its just a matter of time before i find it.