Another Song Search - Please Help!

I’m working on a video project and I was given most of the source files, except for the music track which clearly came from audiojungle. The client wants the same audio track for the next episodes. The guys who edited before me changed the original file name of the song so the file name in my project panel (in premiere pro) is completely useless.

I’ve looked around for an online music identifier but can’t seem to find anything helpful. I saw the old soundizer thing on here from 2013, but I’m clearly late to the party.

anyway. Does anyone at all recognize the song track in this video?

Or does anyone know of a way I could identify the song?

I’ve browsed through a few hundred tracks on audiojungle, narrowing my search by timestamp and bpm, but since there are tens of 1,000s of tracks, i was hoping to expedite my search process.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Have you checked the id3 tag of the MP3 file? Could be some info there.