Help me find a track :(

Hi there, anyone knows this track used here from AudioJungle? I need urgent to buy it !

Thanks a lot !


Do you have it ? I’m trying to buy it but I can’t buy it from amazon :frowning:

But its not royalty free ?

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You should contact Sean Redmond! Also read the licensing instructions!

Hi There, I have a similar query. Do you have any techniques you can share re identifying tracks through search? the full track is 9:50:08 long so i thought about searching all tracks that length but it is still returning huge volume of tracks…

Thanks in advance

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Here you are!

Humanizing Technology (with Logo version) by my friend @alkis!


Thank you artsygoat - you are an absolute legend! that has saved me so much pain! Thanks again


Glad to help you @connectireland :slightly_smiling_face:

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Man you’re good at this!)

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