Help!!! Me choose a audio recorder

Hey. I want to try to record the sounds of nature, as well as various sounds, concerts. What advise to buy up to 150-300 $. Thought to choose between TASCAM or ZOOM. What is the optimal price-quality?. Thank you)

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Hello. I use zoom Q3 HD for sound effects. Really handy and with great quality. I know nothing about TASCAM unfortunately. If you want to hear some sound effects recorded by zoom click here :

Of course don’t treat it as a spam or self promotion :slight_smile:

I’m making music . Sound effects only as a hobby and for fun :slight_smile:

Good luck ! :slight_smile:

How do you like this one according to the characteristics?
Tascam DR-40

Well, I chose Zoom because of video recording which I need sometimes. As far as sound recording is concerned I think Tascam will do the job also. It has some filters, reverb, eq build in so it seems cool and useful. Try to find some samples recored by Tascam.

Have you seen this ?

Good luck man :slight_smile: