Anything Audio And Awesome

Thought I’d start a thread where we can share stuff we’ve seen that’s audio related and awesome.

Could be anything really. An Instagram post, or a YouTube channel. An awesome new plugin that you got, or a photo of your new Korg Wavestate synth (or even better, your old Wavestation :wink:)…

As long as you keep within the forum rules and don’t promote your own AJ items or post things about competing market places, I’d love to check it out on here.

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This used to be an amazing music related mechanical engineering channel, and it is slowly evolving into music studio pornography.
@WormwoodMusic, it reminded me about your room treatment project. Is it still in the pipeline? This could be inspiration!


Man, that’s some serious homestudio porn. “My Genelec are in repair so here’s two big Focal monitors that I’ve been borrowing”… The gear racks, the terminations, everything… I follow this guy since the Detektivbyrån times. Quite a renaissance dude.

Well, I had a little boy a month ago so everything else is on hold right now. Taming the bass frequencies of my room will definitely have to wait a little; plus, I’m not 100% sure if I’ll keep the studio at home of move it somewhere else. I’ve been doing some research though and I decided to build 4 floor-to-ceiling triangle rockwool traps in the verticals and try with some Auralex (or perhaps a cheaper option) foam corner traps for the ceiling-walls horizontal corners.

Great, great initiative, @criskcracker!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome news about your son. Congratulations Wormwood.
He’ll be needing one of these soon!

Start ‘em off early! :smiley:


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I 100% support this topic, despite the fact that I have a limited knowledge about which stuff is needed or whatever, I would like to bring my contribution, and share with you the stuff I would like to buy in the near future (probably next month) !

I’m mainly a music composer but I really enjoy creating and recording sfx ! For doing it properly I would like to buy this microphone . (Right now I create and recording my SFX work with an SM-57, which is not directly made for this purpose)

The thing that I like is that you can easily switch the position of the microphone !

As I’m not used to work with audio stuff (except for SFX ), I think this is both educative and good for learn and try to provide better recording for my sfx and become more flexible for future audio work :slight_smile:

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Hi @Osynthw that looks like quite a nifty little recorder. Just wondering, when you record SFX using your SM57, what do you record onto?

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I use REAPER or Ableton depending on what will be the SFX. When it comes to create something a bit more “electronic” I prefer to use Ableton for example.

I prefer REAPER to make some layering and edit the sound etc. But REAPER Is my way to go for SFX (even if my SFX are really basics at this time)

Also TASCAM will be good to make me become more free aha because now I need to bring the stuff I want to record to my computer etc

Might I suggest getting a nice little small diaphragm condenser mic instead? It would likely give you much nicer sounding results in the studio, plus the preamps in your audio interface will probably be less noisy than the ones in the Tascam. I know that it’s nice to have a portable recorder, just for the fun of playing outside, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t use the onboard mic for anything other than rough sketches or maybe really loud ambience, like nearby traffic sounds, if I was in a pinch.

Also, I probably wouldn’t choose that particular model recorder. I had a quick look at some reviews and it seems that the preamps in it are quite poor. I guess it is aimed at low budget video makers, and for them, noise floor isn’t such an issue because they mostly use it to record dialogue where there is a healthy signal to noise ratio. For recording sound effects, I think it might give you problems with the more delicate sounds.
Just my 2¢.

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Thanks for your sharing,
I took some time to check a bit some review following your last message. It’s seems there’s a bit more noise floor than some other. It’s still possible to reduce it with some noise gate ? Especially for short sound? But in any case you are right, many review are going in this way.

I can keep to search for antoher portable recorder. There’s still some ZOOM that I need to check and I can wait a bit more to invest more. Your solution is really interesting but I really need to find something portable in first !

I need to dig a bit the idea was to start slowly and to be more free to record Various stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

London Grammar on KEXP. Check out KEXP channel on youtube, They have some excellent artists performing there.


:headphones::relieved: That’s like diamonds on silk.

Noise reduction is a destructive process. I think it’s always better and probably cheaper to solve noise issues at the source.
You could try the idea that this guy suggested here, but for an extra €60, you may be better off spending on a better recorder. In my experience, the less equipment in the signal chain, the better…

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Thanks a lot for all the precious advice, I will dig for something else and better :slight_smile:

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For all the Native Instrumenters out there, there’s an awesome free bundle of sounds and synth presets just released:

I’ve been playing with the Monark patches this morning and there’s some gold in there.
Gonna have a rummage through the Battery and Maschine sounds next.

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Here is an awesome article that may help you make a decision about it:

Generally, this is a GREAT website for sound recording professionals and enthusiasts. It has a tons of free articles, featuring some amazingly talented recordists, to ingest and covers some really interesting ideas for capturing all sorts of soundscapes and effects.


@criskcracker, huge fan of CFR. Most sound recordists in this community must well know this manofacturer, but just in case, I strongly recommend the unique stuff this guys build:

I only own the Elektrosluch 3+ which is superb piece of gear for sci-fi-ish interfaces and game sound design in general, but I’m nuts with their new rumbling GeoFón.

Sadly, with this COVID sh#t they’re not shipping ATM.


Wow thanks a lot for all this sharing :slight_smile: I will take the time to read all of this, I didn’t knew about it … THANKSSSSSSSSS :sunglasses:

I will let you know about my future choice :sunglasses:

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This is one of my favourite Instagram channels:

Here’s a taster of what they do:
(They’re all videos. If they open in the Instagram app, don’t forget to turn on the sound.)

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Robin Vincent is a contributor for SOS Mag. He runs a great YouTube channel called Molten Music Technology which is accompanied by this great website:

He has a lot of interesting things going on, but one of the projects which I’ve been following for a while is his DIY building of the ‘Deckard’s Dream’ kit synthesizer by The Black Corporation. He takes you through the experience, from purchasing the parts from the kit list and then to the assembly and soldering of the components. It’s a great series for any tech-heads out there interested in electronics.

If you manage to find half an hour of peace and quiet today,
listening to this could be a great way to spend it: