Having problem in the Submission process

I tried to submit two different logo templates in two different categories but rejection is killing me.
I can not figure out why that happens and getting depressed :pensive:

Needs help plz.

hi well basically the shape is too complex for here … they are judging the logo in very small size and this look not good logos with many details in small size. IN addition, your typo is completely to be redone, sorry to say just this , but this is very far from standards and expectations , u need more originality, more combinations and everything. for the mask one, color combinations are lacking refinement and u should think about complementary colors , not to mention that this is hard to identify what is the concept behind the logo …


Thanks a lot.

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u are welcome , hopefully u can fix things and manage to have your next item approved :slight_smile:

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Actually I got rejection on this item!
I feel reject8 mania from the site!!