logos rejected help me please

any reason please :slightly_smiling:


hi, well if u ask me here is what i have to say about this. The first one is really very close from one already existing and that i had already commented and i assume that this is good that u got rejected because u may have had problems with another guy tom the roster with this one . The second one doesn’t look good in my view, sorry to say just that but i am being 100% honest , indeed, probably because of the way u have executed it , it doesn’t look much balanced. I assule that finishing the bottom shape to make it look like a leave even more would have been a better choice and that the lower part is too big, especially the top part of it by the way, but the concept is cool and it may bring a cool logo to the table if u can fix what’s not good enough yet. As for the third one, according to me this is really a great logo , mourn, worked out and everything, i love it , the only thing that i may say about it is that, if i were u i would have changed the used font for another one, , somethign matching more with what u have indeed , so that it completes the logo and makes it get fully harmonious. One thing is for sure however this is that the illustration of this one rocks, this is a rocket!

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thanks for everything :slightly_smiling:

u are welcome :wink:


I feel sorry for the rejection you faced. I have faced rejection myself from the very first logo and waiting for my 6th logo to be reviewed. I was confuse like you why my logos getting rejected and I though I would buy a GR approved logo to see for myself if I missed something.