Have 1099s been generated yet for 2022?

Have 1099s been generated for last year? I see 2021 on my Tax Summary tab, but nothing for 2022.

As far I know tax summaries for Tax Year 2022 not generated till now. Hope will be generated soon.

Around March probably.

I still don’t see mine. Anyone else?

Around end of the March, mid- April

Pretty bad practice, getting them to artists March/Mid-April, considering taxes are due April 18th. This doesn’t give folks a lot of time to factor in the 1099s into their returns.

Hi all.

The 1099 summaries are currently being printed and mailed out (IRS requires that we send hardcopies of these), and we’ll have electronic versions available via the usual method soon.

We’ll be sending an email to all authors receiving 1099 summaries once you can access the electronic statements.

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