hard rejected theme - please provide your feedback


Hi ,

I am quite new to web development, I did several courses and based on what I learned I built simple layout based on accordion menu - it got hard rejected and I dont know exactly what went wrong - please give me some feedback

thanks a lot

here is the link.
to me it looks OK
it is responsive it is pure HTML and CSS but on purpose I wanted to keep it very light.


With respect this is a long way off the required standard.

There’s little point in detailed feedback as the entire concept will need modifying and extending, but generally:

  • the design basics like typography and styling need a lot of work

  • the design is very outdated and needs modernising

  • the concept is far too simple for here. As a website there would need to be. Asylum more features and functionality. As an accordion plugin there would still need to be more variations, layouts etc.

I’d suggest looking through the popular files already for sale and get an idea of the level of expectation


Dear friends Please help me for this :disappointed_relieved: