Hard Reject. Creative Portfolio Template

Hi guys.

Why did I get rejected?

And if mistakes can be corrected, can it be accepted?


thank you.

Your template looks similar to the author items: ClaPat - Portfolio | ThemeForest

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I thought the same thing that the design and site structure feels very like @ClaPat style

That aside - I can only see it on a mobile but nothing happens when clicking portfolio or blog items except a preview thumbnail

The blog preview images are all cropped.

Are there not item detail pages or post pages? Or is it just broken on mobile?

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I didn’t make them

Can it cause rejection?

As for the style, I don’t understand what to do about it

You didn’t make the item or blog post pages?

For such a basic template that hero’s the different portfolio options this is absolute fundamentals and not just one example of an item / case study page but multiple layouts and variations

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Is the reason I get so rejected is because I don’t create pages for items and blogs?

100% that is part of it. But there’s several things like

  • about page is not great or inventive and could be improved on mobile

  • contact page cannot load the map properly

  • blog page is broken on mobile (as well as the lacking posts)

All these little things make it feel very rushed and unfinished

You would do yourself a massive favour by having more to it such as other pages, layouts, post types,

@ClaPat are a good example of someone who gets away with their sites being quite minimal and who have become one of the most respected authors around because their attention to detail and execution is flawless

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Is there a possibility of acceptance If I fix the errors?

For the contact page, I don’t have the API code
Do I have to remove the map and put the normal map?
Are there errors in the design such as spacing, fonts…?

thank you so much

I feel like you exagerated with the animations/transitions and some of them are not smooth, also I know from my own hard reject one point was that I modified the browser scrollbar and from what they told me it is not allowed, I am not sure if this is the case anymore, my theme was approved about two years ago, now it is removed :slight_smile:


thank you

Because you were hard rejected you have to make significant change - fixing issues alone after a hard rejection risks the account being blocked

You would need to fix the technical errors plus add a lot more features, functionality, pages etc

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Is the API code in map a problem?

Thank you very much for helping me

Yes the map needs fixing but you need to focus on improving the overall template and not on fixing little bits and pieces

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but can’t fixed it ,
I don’t have API KEY, should I change to normal map?

This really is the least of your concerns - just find whatever option is easiest and prioritise the things that will make much more of a difference

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thank you so much

Sorry For Disturb.