Hard reject can someone help ?

Hello Everyone, a figma template got rejected I do not have idea what is the problem, can some help ?

The template hard rejected twice, second time I made changes but I guess not significant

preview - https://www.figma.com/file/zVjPDo2TZiK0h95bmZLTv7/Susana?node-id=292%3A189


This design looks like a premium minimalist template with good typography and spacing. It should be approved, in my opinion.


Доброго вечора ми з України)

Думаю у меня проблема с контрастом с заголовками h6. Ну и заметил в другой теме примерно похожий грид может в этом были проблемы. Тем не менее нужно будет делать кардинальные изменения чтобы засабмитить тему снова.

Literally everything gets rejected from what I’ve seen after watching these forums over the past few weeks after mine was also hard rejected.

Yeah, the UI templates category is real tough now

People who get accepted usually don’t write about it in the forum…

Привіт :slight_smile:

Зазвичай, якщо рев’ювер бачить проблему в якомусь конкретному елементі, то дає soft reject і пише що виправити. Яку причину реджекту написав рев’ювер?

Hi :slight_smile:

If reviewer sees a problem in a particular item, he gives a soft reject and tell what you need to fix. Have reviewer told you a the reason of reject?


Абсолютно стандартный hard reject, “unfortunately your item does not meet our quality”.

Недавно сделал one page template, получил тоже hard но с другим сообщение если коротко то - «your design not unique, we need creative and unique elements» что заставило меня подумать что у меня с типографикой все более менее ОК но скучный layout. У меня есть еще парочка идей.

А вы сами уже продаете на themeforest?

I want to see that’s opinion @DesignSomething @Customa

In my opinion it’s free, anyone can create it.

Am I right?

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@SheevLanda The project is really brilliant and I don’t know why it is a problem for the reviewer. In the UI Templates category, I saw definitely weak items and I do not believe how they could have been approved.

@PlumThemeKits @LSVRthemes After a two-year break in designing websites, I decided to create a new template for Figma. I had many doubts whether to start working on this type of template because I know that there has always been a problem with approval in UI Templates.

But I managed to create it and it is available here:

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Maybe for the Terminator photo? (Copyright)

No way, have seen such image in an template that is already approved