Graphicriver Authors

guys , so I’m a brochure designer at graphicriver, I made this business plan 22 pages in total, on adobe Indesign,

does anyone know what this means. or anyone experiencing the same thing
I’m very frustrated with this

Reviewer Note:
" Your document has 18 pages. All documents intended for binding must have a total page count that is divisible by 4 "

I am not a graphic river author, but:

total page count that is divisible by 4

is clear that you should have for example 16 or 20 or 24 pages or some other number which is divisible by 4.



Also first page after cover is right page. Do not count cover as pages.

Being a brochure designer you should know that total number of pages should be divisible by 4.

hi well this is normal , this is always like this indeed

It looks like you had a nearly identical item accepted a few days ago, with only a few small details being different. Is this intended to be a new item separate from that?