Graphic River Review Delay

Why the flyer review time so long. It’s been 11days ago my files are in queue, still not reviewed. It’s so frustrating. NOW it seems you have towork n post your items 1month before the occasion.

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It`s terrible!
Here is review times:
It says: Print Templates - 9 days.
Holidays is always hard times for autors and reviewers.

Now it’s not 11days it’s more than days .12 days ago still in queue

In my case already 13 :slight_smile: 2 weeks of waiting - it’s a shock.
And sales fell much - too many files are available for sale.

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… & Hard Reject!!! I am very angry :imp:

So sad, May be because of lots of file posting quality checking standard rises or what? i don;t know.

Finally reviewed and accepted after 13 days

Congrats! Wish you Good sales! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Hope to see your items soon