GrandvisionStudio First Sale!


Just made my first sale on my first accepted soundtrack. I feel so good right now. Never felt like this. My content is actually being liked and hopefully used somewhere out there. I hope to many sales ahead, once my backlog gets accepted. :smile:


Welcome to the jungle!


Congratulations, Grandvision! The first sale is always the best! :slight_smile:


Congrats!! With each sale I still think, “man, I love this thing” :slight_smile: Here’s to many more!


Congatulation!!! Unusualy and perfect work!!! Just commented you track!!:slight_smile:


:shaved_ice: Congrats! I scream for you :smile_cat:


Thank you guys. Just need to sort out later tracks and get them mastered and mixed for AJ! :smiley:


Keep it going baby!