Grand fathered lifetime suport

Why wasn’t people grand fathered lifetime support that purchased products before the pay support came into effect?
you gave us 6 months wow how generous. when we purchased lifetime support product we should be getting lifetime support.
and Yes I know update to the product id lifetime.

So is the support offered when you purchased it. This has not changed.

It was always between buyers and authors and this arrangement still stands.

the 6 months you see is a different form of support (now governed by envato) and only applies to files purchased after 1st September although envato have given files purchased previously this added bonus too.

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If the author offered lifetime support when you purchased the item, please contact the author when you need support (after 6 months) and they will be happy to assist.

Whatever support was offered before 1st Sept by the author has been grandfathered.

Most authors did not offer lifetime support or simply did not state how long support was offered. This made it very confusing for buyers because there was no clear support time frame, and an author could go change their support terms wherever they liked with no consistency. So this new change actually helps everyone by making sure buyers have access to a clear support time frame.

This has been discussed a number of times in other threads

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Haha you beat me by a few seconds

But your explanation was way better so we’ll call it a draw. :wink: