Got level 2, need advice :)

Hi… This is my first topic… Even I join in audiojungle 2 years ago, I recently start to selling my items 3 months ago… And now got lv2 :slight_smile:

I need advice to increase my sale to get the next level in 2017. I already read all advice here… But, maybe some new trick? :grin:


Congratulation @inHim_Music :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

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I think there’s only one tip and main secret…,
And that’s Hard Work :slight_smile:


All the thing we can do is hard work. You can make some promotion out there on the internet too : website, google adwords, youtube advertising…

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Thank you for your reply and advices :slight_smile: I am really motivated~! Good luck to you all!