Finally got 50 sales


Today I’m very happy to achieved 50 sales.
Thanks to my customers and this community.
Ermm… might be slow, almost 1 year to reach this milestone.

I will put more afford in AJ, produce more good selling tracks. :blush:


Nice work to get 50 sales. Have a great 2017!


Big up, mate! Make it 10x more!


Congratulations! :sparkles:


Congratulation @OrangeMusicStudio :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


@MidnightSnap @WildKittyTunes @TallSoundBar @janxcode_team thanks :blush:


Congratulation @OrangeMusicStudio :tada:


Congratulation @OrangeMusicStudio, good luck for more…

I also got my 50 sales in 2 moth in 2017, with 1 item, that’s great start of this year.
I am member of envato for 5 years now, but until now i just used this great market just to buy, its time this year to make some sales! :slight_smile:


Congratulations @OrangeMusicStudio


Congratulations to you too!
Ya, it is good to have good selling track.
We will get more sales in this we…:tada:


Thanks, @WildLion_Production @DastAudio