Good HTML Template for the Magazine

It would be great if you could share your findings… I am looking for Media (Magazine) template and can’t find anything good either… Do you have any suggestings with ready to use HTML templates? And is there any templates for PDF files? So people could see PDF files of the magazine online…

PDFs can be added to just about any site very easily

Out of interest why HTML and not a CMS - you understand that using an HTML template you are not going to have a dynamic admin area and will need to manually create new post files for each article, as well as adjust every other linked aspect of the site e.g. home page, latest post previews, pre/next post links

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yes… you are right… I am thinking between WordPress (have some very basic knowledge) and Drupal… can you suggest something on ?

There are so many magazine WordPress themes hat it really comes down to what you need/want.

I would strongly suggest using a regular purchase rather than elements. While the subscription is great, you are not guaranteed updates or support.

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ok, but what paid offers are interesting to have a look at? please send 2-3 links on different variants, thus it won’t be an ad :slight_smile:

It’s impossible to say without knowing what style you want but:

I would focus on the best authors (who often have multiple items worth considering) such as @tommusrhodus @WPExplorer @greatives @ThemeBeans @edge-themes @Elated-Themes to name just a few


Can you please send an example with sites using PDFs? and the script that is needed

Depends what you want to do in more detail but most of these plugins and scripts will do it✓ (and will imapct how it appears etc.).✓ will make it look more like a magazine