GIFs as profile icons?

A warm greeting to the community!

Strolling around the marketplace, I have found a profile with an animated icon, so, as curiosity is human nature I downloaded said icon and discovered it’s a gif, and it surpasses Audiojungle’s size of 50 kb, not to mention how could a gif be uploaded as a profile icon.

I tried uploading a gif myself and even after adjusting size and resolution it still says unsupported format. Am I missing something?

This was an old option, there is no longer available upload a gif on picture profile.


Thank you for the quick reply!

I had slightly suspected that, however I am curious as to why such an option has been removed, I figure being gifs they aren’t that much of a bandwidth hog. Could we ask for such a feature to be implemented again or does someone know (maybe a moderator) the reasons why we don’t have this option anymore?

GIF is not needed.

Just thinking that all the avatars will be moving is getting bad… xD

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As usually i see them when Im drunk


I imagine as a user it would be very annoying if everyone has a gif thumbnail and the whole screen is moving. Plus it would slow down the webpage loading, which is a no-no for a slick user experience.

Thank you all for your input, indeed it does make sense.

A toast to creativity!