Gif animated image in the product description on Themeforest

It is allowed to use animated gif image in the product description on Themeforest ?
As an example : I want to show how it works in my theme page builder and for that I thought to do a screen animation.


Thank you ,

Yep, I think I’ve still got a few on mine

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Talking about animated gifs, there’s also this:


Thank you @dtbaker ! You’re awesome !
I have no problem with implementation. I wonder if it’s allowed in Envato terms . Because I did not find anything written about this gif animations in description in terms.
But I think is allowed.

@dtbaker I don’t know why recent purchased and recent sales are showing blank ?

last purchased is yesterday in the statements. See my Hosting Template

Any Idea?


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I also know that the animated gifs are allowed.

The only thing to take into account is the item page performance, there was a post here:

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I saw lots items use gif :blush: you should ensure about loading performance when using heavy gif

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Thanks for the reply .
Like this :
GIF is 1.1MB .
True, number of frames rather small and this generates a lag
Another theme with gif description ? But GIF to be quality without lag. To see how fast it loads.

Try remove the cache files via ftp and see if that works

No luck :frowning:

Ah! I fixed this in my copy but didn’t update github. I’ll wack the fixes up now :slight_smile:

No worries… I’ll take the latest now from github. :+1:

Here’s the changes. Just changing the == to a strpos

Awesome… Works perfect now :smile:

Thanks a lot :+1:

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also FYI. imgur is now blocked on ThemeForest, might want to move your broken profile page images over to new hosting :slight_smile:

Oh… Yes… That’s a Painful Task :sweat:

Will update soon…