generate a new valid API token for updating themes in wp dashboard

I simply need to generate a new valid API token so that I can continue to receive updates on a theme I purchased. It was a very simple process in the old api. Now I have the following message in My Enfold Theme Settings > Theme Update section:

“Attention: The old Envato API is deprecated and will be shut down soon. In order to be able to use automated theme updates please generate a new valid API token and enter it above. Your themeforest username and your old API key will then be removed from your installation since they are no longer required.”

Everything I see in the way of support is for developers. You seem to have forgotten your customers.

You can generate a personal API token at the link below. I pre-selected all of the permissions that appear to be necessary for Enfold updates, per their support center.


Thanks. I have exactly the same issue.
The link you shared only has the very first box ticked (“View and search Envato sites”). Is that all that’s required?

Hi @nadworks,

It looks like they changed the format slightly for those links. I edited my post above and it is now working properly. In total, there should be five boxes ticked. Give it another shot and let me know if it still won’t budge.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much - I ended up “reading” the required options from the URL itself and got it to work.

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Thank you @baileyherbert for this response. I have followed these instructions and now have an api key. What do I do now? My envato plugin is completely blank so there’s nowhere to type in the API key which is why I am confused.