Can't find API Key in User Profile

Trying to follow instructions to retrieve API Key, but they appear out of date.
(You can create an API Key from your Envato “User Menu” → “Settings” → “API Keys” in any marketplace)

There is no API Keys in Settings. Please help.

This topic might help

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It does not help. The side menu has no option in my account for API Key

In fact it does help – that thread discusses how API keys are no longer available since at least couple years ago, so whatever you’re working with must be quite old.

There’s a new replacement called “personal tokens” and you’ll find instructions on how to create them in that thread. BUT personal tokens won’t work for something that is built for the old API keys. You didn’t post any information about what you’re trying to do, but it may no longer be possible.

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Trying to update a theme on a WP a site, and the Envato Toolkit is atil wanting an API Key

It won’t work unfortunately – that plugin was deprecated in 2018. You’ll need to upgrade to the newer Envato Market plugin which uses the new API. Here’s an upgrade guide:

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