Fusion Shortcode Generator not Working for some Page Building Elements in Avada Theme

Hi guys,
In the Avada Wordpress theme, the Fusion shortcode generator tab doesnt work with a number of Fusion building elements. One such example is “Modals”. Also, the ability to switch between “Text” and “Visual” in the “Contents of Modal” is nonfunctional as well. This problem also is replicated in a number of Fusion building elements.

The only way around it for me at present, is to create an actual page, then copy and paste the all of page code into the Modal Content Area, then delete the page as it isnt needed anymore. Bit of an archaic way of doing things.

Can someone help with sort this? What is causing the problem?

kind regards

You can contact the author to request support. Here is the link to author’s support forum: http://theme-fusion.com/

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