From the Top: Adobe InDesign for Beginners

This is a brand new Envato Tuts+ course by @danlovesadobe —use this thread to post your results from the lesson exercises and get feedback!


How can i get a certification for this course.

I’ve just started the Youtube tutorial for InDesign – it’s great. But I’m doing something wrong and need help.

In the beginning (about color), when I select the box I made, click on “contour” (I’m in France), and choose a color, the frame color doesn’t change. I can change the fill-in color, but not the frame. The upper left frame drawing in the little color window reflects my choice, but the page does not. Am I missing a validation step? SOS please!

Hi @Melissa301, welcome to the Tuts+ forum! Your question is one for @danlovesadobe I think. Hopefully he’ll be able to help :slight_smile:

Me again … I tried to figure it out. When I choose a very wide frame I see the colour change as per the video instructions. I think that when the frame is so fine (1 pt.) my screen doesn’t show the change accurately or my eyes aren’t keen enough to register it. Does this make sense to those in the know?

Hey Melissa, try add a stroke (contour) size to your box. Make it large to see if it’s working or not (5px). Another thing might be that you need to have your box selected first. Use the black arrow to click the edge first. See if that helps.