"Free for personal use" Fonts


Are we allowed to use “Free for personal use” fonts on our flyers?

For example this one


If you check the page you will get your answer. There clearly mentioned:
This font like my others are free for personal use only as long as this readme file stays intact. For commercial use please contact …


I actually dont mean only this font.

In general are we allowed to use free for personel use fonts on flyers?

It will always depend on an individual case by case license

only personel use fonts you can’t use for commercial use. and the most important thing you have to follow their license term for commercial use.

on another topic they were talking about using non commercial font on a logo and if the customer who buys that logo wants to use that font, they can just purchase it or use another font.

i wonder if this comment was acceptable.

You can use a premium font as the demo of your item and just include a link to where to buy it in the download

BUT regardless of free or premium ANY font you want to use in the demo or download has to have commercial use licensing

hi there is a difference between “free for personal use” and more or less pirate website-related fonts lol

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i didnt get your point, can you pls explain more? :smiley:

if fonts are piled in a supposed “free” website where they are have stolen items, this is not working lol

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i still dont get it my bad english lol nvm

You cannot use free for personal use item be it a font or anything else in a commercially oriented environment. To put it bluntly and in short, no. You can’t use ‘free for personal use’ fonts in envato or anywhere else if you are going to make money from it.

IMO you can only use ‘free for personal use’ elements in a setting where you’re not going to commercialize the end product which contains the said elements, for eg. Creating a poster to hang on a wall inside your home, or, perhaps gifting an item made from such elements to a friend (for their personal use – not commercial).

This would be the simplest explanation of ‘free for personal use’ license but sometimes there might be other restrictions or freedom allowed in the detailed license info if there is one.

Edit: Also, it seems like the website you’ve listed is pretty much illegal. It’s always better to stay away from those sites. Check out www.FontSquirrel.com. It’s absolutely legal and hosts a number of good free fonts. Still, always do check out the license of anything you download.