FREE Advice required

This clearly is NOT a place for assistance to ask for ADVICE only. So I am deleting this post - as sson as I can workout how to do so. IF you know, can you please advice.
Thank you for your assistance.
Yours sincerely,


Without want to disappoint you, with no $, you can not build anything.
Take a look here, how hard was the work


Ok. Thanks ‘kostaskatsimitrou’ you got me. I should have said that I have a budget of (approx) $500.00AUD to build this site and that includes buying the plugins, themes, addons/extensions, etc,etc - and - the ‘free’ advice I am seeking here.

That can work, for making something for start and then you can grow it based on how you need to.
I can help if you want at

let me know :slight_smile:

I don’t seem to be flooded with responses, suggestions or offers ‘kostaskatsimitrou’ !

That is because, it needs techniqal knowledge to build such a site, or have it done it before.
And I do :slight_smile:

You are not getting many responses is because $500 is not a realistic budget for something like this even using stock themes unless you can code everything yourself.

Thanks for the comments gents – But. You seem to be missing the key point.

I am ONLY seeking A D V I CE.

I am NOT asking anyone for a quote to build this for me.
If you read my post carefully, you will see that it clearly states:

“…I am simply looking for ADVICE…”

and -

“…I’d like to attempt building this myself…”

If $500.00 isn’t a healthy amount of money towards good advice – what is?

The best option is to buy one of the existing digital marketplace or photo stock themes off themeforest and work within its confines to begin with unless some of the features you lost are critical.

One big price of advice is that if you plan to charge people to use the site i.e. A subscription model OR charge other authors to sell their work using your site then you will need an extended licence which will cost into the thousands of $

Thank you.