Fork of a GPL liscenced theme?


I am a WordPress developer and am very determined to open a shop on Theme Forest. I have forked a GPL licensed theme and am doing some heavy modifications to it - is this allowed on the Theme Forest marketplace? I am licensing it under the GPL as well and am changing the design/many aspects of the functionality. I am NOT re-selling it - I am putting hundreds of hours of work into it. Please let me know your thoughts - thanks!

  • James

Of course you can fork a GPL licensed theme. For example, underscores framework by automatic. Just make sure it is unique in design and it will be nice if you can give a credit to the author :slight_smile:

Ok awesome - the theme I am forking was originally built on underscores but has some more advanced functionality that I am going to re-use. However, please know that I am literally putting in 100s of hours into this by adding a ton of new php/functionality and am changing fonts, css, layout, etc. I just worry that I will put in my hard work and they will reject it…

It’s ok as long as you sell it as GPL license on ThemeForest rather than Split license.