Fonts and menu problems in mobile version

I just found out that the mobile version of my site is way worse than I expected. First of all, there is a strange thing with the menu. The full version has equipment, about us, and contact, but when I open the menu on my phone there is no equipment section (one of the most important sections, cause it really helps to navigate through the articles).

By the way, I don’t understand what happens with the font, why it is so bad in Safari. Here is my site, you can see that in the full version everything is okay. I expected the same fonts and menu sections in the mobile one. Give me please an idea what might be the reason for all these mismatches?

Hi Roxanne Champ

Seems like an issue with the mobile responsiveness. Don’t worry you can have it fixed / updated any time. If you are not good at coding and making it mobile responsive then hire any good programmer from Envato studio or you can simply just connect with me via my Envato profile. Just drop me an email and send your site credentials / c-panel i can resolve this mobile responsiveness issue within the most least possible time.

Thank you