Font rejected. Advice needed.

This was my first time submitting a font. It was rejected. I have screen shots below. Can anyone give some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, so I can improve and get my next ones accepted?


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hi as for me u have different issues indeed, the first of them all is that it looks like that your font is meant to be for titles only … difficult to imagine writing a whole paragraph with this font … it would be unreadable indeed, plus u have a problem of presentation, like this it looks super compact and teh smaller it gets , the worst it gets …this is pushing people to have a bad feeling about your item, not to mention that your font is not centered in some of the squares , which does not look professional in a way …

Maybe you could also work on cleaning up the preview images to make it more appealing.

Hello Leigh,
I personnally feel that this font requires more work on the actual letter forms and construction without talking about preview images.

  • You have chosen a stylistic idea of filling the counters in the letters, I am not really convinced, it creates dark areas in the letterforms that attract too much attention compared to the light strokes of the other letters. What is the reasoning behind this?
  • The numbers are too dark. The stroke width is not the same as the letterforms? It would therefore be complicated to set a text that includes letters and numbers.
  • Certain letterforms do not seem coherent, for example the ‘s’ that is very angular and rigid compared to the other letters. The short stroke on the M seems out of place, the V or W seem very wide compared to the other letters, why does the H have a rounded bar but the A has a straight one, etc. Try think of the overall rhythm of your font and how each letter leads or follows the forms around it. It seems a bit confused as far as the overall approach.
  • It is hard to tell from your images but you seem to be lacking Kerning or then it needs improvement. Compare the space between k-e and Ma in the Make fonts phrase. The first is quite tight but then the ‘e’ seems to be floating away.
  • Otherwise, I agree with n2n44, you seem to be creating a display typeface, so focus on presenting the typeface in that universe, show examples of the typeface in use rather than strings of continuous test in small sizes that does not advantage your work.
  • So overall, I would recommend quite a bit of typeface review and form and spacing corrections before worrying about how to sell it or promote it…
    Just my 2 cents, hope it can help you out a bit…
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Typogama (Michael), thank you so much for the time you took to write that. It was very constructive and very helpful.

Thanks to n2n44 and gonjetso. I will take everything into consideration, as I keep trying to improve.

Thanks again, All.


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as for me i am not expert in font designing but i think that the combination of things that have been told will definitely help u to take your product to the next level

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