Why my font got rejected ?

my font got rejected because of quality reasons, but no explanation was given, please help me to understand the problem.

hi, i am sorry i am not an expert for such items but here is how i feel all the same … i personally believe that some letters look a little bit uneven, like the “r” for instance and that showing or delivering the italic is not clearly a good idea as this is emphasizing these problems. I also tend to believe u have an extra effort to make when it comes to the presentation as in lost of cases, the text is not this super outstanding on backgrounds and what are selling is a font not a background lol, not to mention that u should avoid the simple pink and white background , especially the white one by the way, they are super valuing your item


hello @BossAkash

Sorry for I say you that your fonts too similar other font in graphicriver but you can make new idea for different letters unique for approved graphicriver but I am not expert fonts.


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Thanks, @n2n44 @JeriTeam here is the font file, please have a look on these too, maybe some more detail you can find. please do share your thought after reviewing.

here is the link for the font file that I have submitted

Font Files Drive Link

hi there , what is this? pls just share a link of the result do not give the item for download to people …