Fluxus portfolio with more images "inside" when projects are selected

Hi there,
I purchased Fluxus - Portfolio theme for photographers a few years ago but only recently got around to starting my project. I am looking for a way to include additional images in the portfolio, once you have clicked on the image and are taken to the individual project page. Because I am not a photographer, I am a graphic designer (;-))… and when I have viewers click on a business card image, I would like them to see both the front and the back, or if they click on a booklet I want to be able to show the inner pages as well without needing to have 10 separate portfolio items.

And on a more existential note, is this the right place to be asking these questions?


This is your item support

you can ask any kind of question about your purchase theme with that author @intheme at here

hope they will help you to solved your issue.