FlexPaper Wordpress Plugin - Idea?


I’ve been looking for some way to put a PDF live on my Wordpress based site…I finally was directed to this:


But it doesn’t look like there is a good way to use it inside of a Wordpress install (at least that I can see).

Since there is NOTHING like it out there, I would think someone could make some decent money selling a plugin that would allow you to easily integrate Flexpaper into your Wordpress site. Extra point for making it a gallery style where you could have multiple documents that would load in the window.

If someone makes this, I’ll be your first buyer (especially if you do it soon)…but I know I wouldn’t be your last…I’ve seen several other people in my 2 minute search that were looking for the same thing.


yeap i am seeking this too (((( no results


Here try this…

It adds a flexpaper shortcode…

usage: [flexpaper]path_to_swf_file[/flexpaper]

Also have a joomla version…

usage: {flexpaper}path_to_swf_file{/flexpaper}


hi thank u very much could you give a example of path_to_swf_file thanks


I just mean the url to the swf file. If you read the flexpaper documentation it tells you to convert your pdf files to swf files using a tool like swftools. After you do that you will need to upload the swf file to your server and place the url to the swf between the short code(eg. http://yourdomain.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/thefile.swf). I used the wordpress media manager to upload the files and then just copied the ‘file url’ from the media manager in my testing.



hi i tryed to dothat but it does not work ((((((
could u help with that


Sorry, I forgot to mention that there is an options page where you need to set the width, height and language for flexpaper. If you look down the wordpress admin menu you should notice a ‘flexpaper settings’ item.


i tryed to do that also but it doesent work …
do i need to downoad FlexPaper_1.4.1_flash from the flex paper site and upload it to my server if yes could u tel me how to do that and where exacly to upload it??


I just realized you are getting a 404 error for the flexpaper.js file. This is the file that actually loads flexpaper, make sure you uploaded all of the files included correctly if you are uploading them directly. The whole ‘flexpaper’ directory and all of its contents should be uploaded to the plugins directory.

Also, you have other javascript errors from other scripts you have in the page.

EDIT: your page is also including multiple versions of jQuery.




LOL, not a genius but thanks. It’s a pretty simple plugin.


there is a problem with the plugin, the last page of the file swf file don t appear in the viewer just showing a blanc page…





That would have to be a problem with flexpaper itself or with the conversion of the file to a swf. All the plugin does is feed location of the swf file to flexpaper. It doesn’t handle the rendering of the document.


ok thanks a lot again


i use google docs api so i can display pdfs without needing flash.