First upload project on envato or i need to first integrate envato purchase verification

Hi guys i want to ask one question.

i’m planning to sell my app source code to envato, so i need to first upload project on envato or i need to first integrate envato purchase verification and then upload project?

Purchase verification for a mobile app doesn’t make sense because you’re uploading the source code for buyers to customize and build the app themselves, meaning they can entirely circumvent any purchase verification.

So the answer is no, you shouldn’t add it.

then envato will accept my project without adding purchase verifier?

Yes, you can’t add purchase verification to mobile apps.

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but i’ve purchased 2 apps from envato and there option to enter purchase code in source code. if i remove purchase code from source code then i can’t use app.

You can screenshot i attached. there is option of envato token and enter purchase code.

Interesting. Some problems with this include:

  • What’s stopping your buyers from simply removing the code that checks the purchase code?

  • What if a buyer publishes your app on the App or Play Store and gets 100,000,000+ downloads? Is it seriously going to check your purchase code every time they launch your app? Can your server handle that? How will you prevent the Envato API from blocking you for a high rate of requests?

  • Anyone who downloads your buyer’s published app can now see their private purchase code, e.g. by decompiling the apk file.

  • If the API that these apps rely on to check purchase codes goes offline, then will all of the apps that use it break?

Overall, seems like an extremely bad idea.

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I think you don’t understand what I mean. I’ve developed app from android studio and now want to sell on envato market. i want to implement one API calling to source code and when app will run it will check if given purchase code is correct or not. when someone buy my project and install its need to verify purchase code. so only purchased users can enter Item purchase code and use app.

@ baileyherbert Please give me solution.

You can do it if you want - just consider the impact on your buyers per my 4 bullet points above.


Thanks @ baileyherbert for your help.

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@ baileyherbert can you please tell me how many days envato will take to approve the uploaded app project?

There is no guaranteed review time, but recent item reviews have taken around 2 days for mobile apps per this page:

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I read that in envato forum it will take 12 days for apps

Yes, you can’t add purchase verification to mobile apps

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