How to Integrate Envato Purchase Verification for my app source code?

Hello i’m new to envato and we have developed android app from android studio and planning to sell on codecanyon so we want to integrate Envato Purchase Verification in source code by using API token to use it for my project… so only purchased users can enter Item purchase code and use app. so i don’t know the process of integration envato purchase verifier. Someone please give me tutorial video or steps to add envato purchase verifier in my app source code. i need hosting server for this? or i have to only add library file / coding in my source code? or i need plugin for this?

Thank for helping me.

The right way to do this from your android app, is to get the purchase code using the app, then make a remote request on your server with that purchase code, then, on the server, use your api token from envato to connect to envato’s api and verify the purchase code there. You can see the endpoint to do this here: and here: you can see how to generate and use a token for auth.

Hello thanks for your response but i don’t know how to do. how can i get the purchase code by using which app? and how to make a remote request on server with that purchase code which server? actually i’m totally new in this field so i really don’t know how to integrate envate purchase verifier in my app.

I have added up Envato purchase / license code verification in almost all of my products. I can help you out and can provide training for how you can do it.

Ping me via my business profile and i will definitely help you out.

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Check this

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thank you for sharing that link monkeysan … there are many great third party license managers but still i don’t recommend using third party license managers.