First sale and hello everyone on AudioJungle!



Hey there!
Music composer and audio designer here, new to Audio Jungle (as selling member)!
I’ve been creating my account here one year ago, but didn’t submit much stuff until a couple of months ago…
And yesterday a pleasant surprise… my first sale! :slight_smile:

Not a big deal, tho, on 4.80$ my part is just 0.82$… so yeah, i’m rich…! :slight_smile:

Also… since my file was licensed for multi-use why i’m grossing 4.80$ instad of 6$ remains a mystery… can anyone explain me this?

Hope some of the sounds i’ve been submitting will be finally approved sooner or later (25+ days, counting).
But of course, this first, unique, little sale gave me motivation to keep working in my spare time.

Have a lots of sales everyone!


Congratulations mate for your first sale, wish you have many many more :slight_smile: