Find Audio Track without the Name, only sound

Is it possible to find the name of a music track from video music that was created using audio jungle? I don’t have the name but I have the music.

Hi @sparksideas! No, there is no such searching feature… You can only post that music here and maybe somebody recognize it. Also you can describe what type of music do you need so we can suggest you something similar

Hi @sparksideas, there are a couple of potential ways to do this…

Firstly, you can search by length. If you have the track, see how long it is, and use advanced search on AudioJungle to search for its length. For example, go to, scroll down on the left-hand side to “Length” and then add your parameters:


If you find multiple tracks, narrow down the search by using descriptive words (tags) that describe the piece of music. Narrow down further by looking in particular categories too.

Alternatively, if you have the actual preview file, the filename contains a number. If so, you can use the information I posted on this page to easily locate the item.

Finally, as @KLProduction mentioned, if you post the track or video here in our forums, someone might be able to identify the track for you.

Good luck! Let us know if/when you find it. :musical_note:

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