How to identify a demo audio clip


Hi there, I downloaded an audio clip from Audio Jungle and now want to buy it but cant find it. Does anyone know how I can identify what the track name is as on the file it just has preview.mp3

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AudioJungle preview files now have meaningful names
  1. You could upload a link to the clip here and see if anybody recognises it. Use soundcloud, dropbox etc.

  2. Is there any info, tags etc from the preview ?

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Thank you so much for your help. I’ve just been through just over 400 audio clips and just found it… I’ve learnt a lesson there!! :slight_smile:
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No worries Grant, sorry to hear you had such a hard task in finding your track. If you you download a preview then always remember to rename it and hopefully that will make your task easier when trying to find the desired track :slight_smile: Hope that helps. It would be a great thing if everybody used ID Tags and files were not renamed as preview by default…hopefully Envato will do something about this in the long run. I’m sure they are well aware of this issue.


Thank you so much for all your help - I really appreciate it. Next time I will definitely remember to rename it :slight_smile: as this will save me a great deal of time

I hope you have a great weekend and thank you again.


For future preview downloads, use the right click and “save as” function. That downloads a clip that contains the file information (song name and item number) in the title. According to the site’s coding, this is supposed to be how the file is provided regardless of which mouse button is clicked, but there’s a conflict of some sort in the programming and the left mouse click doesn’t trip the automated file renaming function that it’s coded to create. Envato was advised of this quite some time ago.


The ID tags aren’t the problem. This problem is with all files and the ID tags don’t factor in to this equation at all. It’s a site coding conflict. It appears that Envato renames the files with a generic “preview” default after upload. That might be automated in order to facilitate a template request that will rename all files called “preview” using the naming convention “item number_composer_songname” at the time of download. I think they have to do that to create a standardized name and it cannot be done by the author because he doesn’t know the item number before the song is uploaded. The item number is generated by the back-end database. The problem is that the code is only generating the renamed file if you use “right click / save as” although it is correctly coded for HTML 5 and is meant to work with left click as well. In fact, it’s coded to stop the left click from opening the file in the browser, which is what it does without using what’s called the “download attribute”. Use of an additional value tag renames the file. They did use this value and the “download attribute” renaming function should work in all current versions of the most popular browsers except Safari. There may be some sort of conflict that is not allowing it to work correctly when you left click.


If i download one of my previews by right clicking and save as…if i then open the properties folder of that mp3, i can then see my ID Tags, that’s the point i am making. So the ID Tags do count although it would be better if all items were not renamed as preview.


That’s good, but after downloading more than ten previews, I didn’t see anyone using the tags. The right click renames the file correctly, so they don’t need to see the ID tags even if they are there and that’s the intention of the coding. Envato can’t rely on everyone using the tags and the author cannot add the item number in advance. Envato isn’t going to have the authors go back and add new preview files with tags for probably thousands of files and they won’t have time to do it themselves. So yes, the tags might help someone who did the left click if they know about ID3 tags or bother to look at the name in a player during playback. Of course, if that song was named “Epic” or “Inspiring”, and they don’t add the author name, we have a problem. Envato has probably seen the many issues relating to inconsistency with author file naming and their use of tags and use of a naming convention that includes an item number prevents these issues.

Since the ID tags have no role in the renaming process and they tend to be absent in numerous existing files, I think Envato’s solution will be the best way to do this if they can get it to work. For now, they could add a note under the preview button instructing the customer to use right click.


Interestingly though… I’ve just downloaded an item with no ID Tags and that has not automatically renamed the file, it’s still called preview. When I download a file with ID Tags, and for example call it track 1, it does rename the file (in the player) with the correct title but I have to rename that track for this to work. For some reason that coding doesn’t seem to work for me.

Sure, it doesn’t make sense to go back and get everybody to add tags to files and i wasn’t suggesting that but if it was mandatory from now on then IMHO it would make things easier for people to find tracks until a better solution was found. However having said that i also agree that not everybody knows about tags and that also makes it harder.
Until that rock solid solution is found then customers will always come here looking for help.


I agree with the moving forward idea of enforcing the use of ID tags prior to upload, coupled with an instruction to the customer to use right click as a temporary solution. That’s going to mean reminding the authors to do this really simple two second task prior to upload. But, they really need to get the coding worked out ASAP so customers get a “no brainer” label on their preview no matter when it was uploaded and regardless of ID tags.

As for the problem you mention, perhaps it’s the player you’re using. I was hard pressed to find a file with tags, so I downloaded one of yours (which is very good, by the way, definitely not the usual copycat stuff I hear around here) using left click. It was downloaded with the generic “preview” as a name, but it displays the correct title and composer in the player without any need to rename it in most players I tried. It only displayed “preview” when I used Media Player Classic and will do that with all other players that can’t read ID3 tags. Some older versions of players that now read the tags did not previously read them and some people don’t update their players. For example, Videolan didn’t used to read ID3 tags, but now does. There’s another problem with relying on the tags, which means Envato really only has the automated renaming as their across the board solution.


Thanks for the compliment about my track that you downloaded I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

You make some good points.

I was using the windows media player in windows 7 64bit on my laptop to do the tests that I mentioned, I downloaded one of Pink Zebra’s tracks and he uses tags incidentally. I agree though that not enough people do it, I would encourage everybody to use tags for many other reasons than just to be able to help find a file here. It’s easy and simple to do when rendering files in Cubase as it is in other Daws. It’s part of my process and should be done for complete professionalism IMHO, Just like adding a simple read me file to the zip containing basic info about time, variations and tempo etc (of course you only get that when making a purchase) but still…

Your knowledge seems quite experienced in these matters and I think you’ve added some important info on this discussion…thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

It would be good to see a concrete answer to this but i’m sure it’s on the list of things to do as this discussion will keep arising as it has done over many years.