Finally, first theme approved!

After lot of waiting time, got first approval for my HTML template. Check it out and let us know your feedback.

Congrats :smiley: it’s a big milestone

Congrats!!! I already see your template :slight_smile:

theme url?

Good Work.

Thank you @Roy_Kodeforest, @leafcolor & @JeriThemes !

I had paste the theme URL earlier. But, it was removed because self-promotion is not allowed on forum.

But, you can check it from my portfolio. :wink:

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graz, @salttechno gl with next themes :smiley:

Good Luck with sales

All best with sales friend o7

Congrats on new template and first sale. Good luck

@Jthemes , @DJMiMi, @janxcode, @MajorThemes: Thank you… :slight_smile:

Very Cool!

It looks great and I love the options. VERY well done!

Rock out with sales!

Thank you for your kind words @BridgetteBryant! :slight_smile:

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congratulation bro :smile: