Filling SWIFT Form

This is Mehran. I am looking for some help from elder envato users. I want to withdraw my earnings via SWIFT. I filled SWIFT form easily but I stopped in Intermediary bank. Should I fill it or leave it? Please response.

N.B: Sorry for bad English


From personal experience, you can leave that out. Nowadays banks will assign intermediary bank themselves, however, you can fill the information, if you want to. Usually it can be found on the bank’s web page, look for intermediary bank for your bank’s USD payments.


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Thank you very much for your answer. I will leave that. Another question for you if you don’t mind. Recently I was requested for withdrawal via swift. They rejected my request today. Do know any reason about rejection? If you dont know its ok. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

You should definitely contact envato support for more information: they are the only ones who can tell the rejection reason. :wink:

Sent them a message :smiley:

Did you receive any email about rejection reason. Normally the send send an email about rejection.

No. They didn’t.

Then how did you know about payment declined.

I sent them manually a message and they told me some of my information was wrong. I asked them which information was wrong. Now waiting for their reply.