Figma Onepage Design Requirement

Hello, I want to create Onepage or Landing Page designs in Figma and publish them on Themeforest. However, after reviewing the “Figma Template Requirements” page, I have some questions.

  1. Do I need pages such as About Us, Contact, and Blog for the Web Templates I will create in Figma?

  2. I noticed that some Figma Web Templates on Envato Elements are prepared as Onepage and do not include pages like “about us, contact.” Can I publish my web templates in the “Themeforest Figma” category by preparing Onepage designs as well?

  3. What are the nuances I should pay attention to when preparing a Figma Web template? Do you have any tips and recommendations you can suggest?

  • It’s better if you create a full template, partial template could be considered “half” and you may get rejection
  • Elements and ThemeForest may have different approach on the items. You may prepare one-page template. Check the item approval dates. It’s important if they are newly approved. If it’s more than 18 months old, there may be different quality standards
  • Check out the latest approval items and try to understand the design approach. You can also check this one : figma Tutorials | Envato Tuts+

Thank you for your response. Are there any required pages that need to be included? (About Us, Contact) Or is there a URL where this information can be found?

There are no required pages, but would it be sufficient to have multiple versions, such as a homepage version or pages like ‘services, request a quote’? Is it enough to have 3-4 different homepage versions or any other different pages? Our goal is not just to have the design from a single page, but to have 3-4 different homepage versions or any other different pages.

Everything you need supposed to be there, if not, you can try to check the approved items and follow the same approach or contact Envato support for the details as I won’t be able to answer your question due to “Figma” is not really my area. Maybe someone else would provide you more details