Why This Figma UI template is rejected ?

I am trying to upload the Figma UI template. I had design 12 pages, including every page responsive, user login, and dark version. I had created a desktop prototype and a mobile prototype. I had used an asset page for the main components. I have used Text style, colors, drop shadow and saved it for use everywhere. I don’t get it, why this is rejected?

I think it’s very outdated. Also you have tons of issues with typography, spaces, color scheme.

Just open the latest approved templates and compare your work.
Good luck!

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Thank you for replying. I am new here. I found most of the templates are for mobile app. Web templates are not common here. Should I directly upload the HTML version for the web template? Hoping for your suggestions. Thank you.

Sorry, but as I said before, your design is outdated. You should learn more about web design. HTML version will be hard rejected too.

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Allright. Thank you.

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